As we get older, we just become stronger versions of ourselves" - my sister in law Kari

It’s taken me the past year in Chicago to find out what I really love. Dogs, groceries and weightlifting.

My girl Colleen and I became instant friends. She makes me so from-the-bottom-of-my-heart happy every time I see her. Walking everywhere together like Thelma and Louise!

I have the best job I’ve ever had and I love every minute of it. There no time to be bored and I am constantly learning. I love my people and and forever grateful for my mentor Ralph. I’ve learned though that I take criticism (even if it’s not directed at me) far too personally. But I think that’s what inevitably makes me a good worker. A chip on my shoulder and a goading need to prove myself.

And finally, weightlifting. I just love to put in he freaking work.

Finally, years ago my dad gave me the secret to success in life: Consistency. He told me to get up early each day and work. And to take everything I did with great pride; success breeds success.
Former NFL player John Welbourn

109kg front squat PR

shake it off

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Sayre Park Weightlifting Club, August 2014

Sayre Park Weightlifting Club, August 2014

Welcome, Prince,’ said Aslan. ‘Do you feel yourself sufficient to take up the Kingship of Narnia?’

I don’t think I do, Sir,’ said Caspian. ‘I am only a kid.’

Good,’ said Aslan. ‘If you had felt yourself sufficient, it would have been proof that you were not.

C.S. Lewis

Do I get sad? Oh yeah. Does it hit me hard? Oh yeah.
Robin Williams in a 2006 NPR interview on Fresh Air.

I did it! Taste of Chicago 2014

Two months ago I was given the assignment to plan the Taste of Chicago for Mariano’s from start to finish, while still being a full time Merchandising Manager opening Ravenswood and then a full time Assistant Manager opening Bucktown.  Looking back, it was a lot; but honestly there wasn’t anytime to doubt myself or question if I could do it.

I’ve always had the motto, crush or be crushed.  I really believe having a can-do, I can do or learn anything attitude is the key to success.  And although I had a couple of close call, nearly panic attack moments, I still managed to nearly sell more watermelon slices in one day (11,000 Sunday) then Dominick’s did in their 5 days total last year (12,000).

It was grueling- 14 days on (a few of them 15,17 hour days), 20 miles alone walked on the last day, cutting bins of watermelons like a machine with a machete, torrential down pours on Saturday while unloading trucks with lift gates and pallet jacks- but I managed. I was proud that our chocolate dipped frozen bananas and Italian sausage sandwiches were named best new menu items at the taste by Time Out Chicago and I even managed to make a cameo on ABC7 news

But the best feeling was being open for business the first day and just knowing I did it.  And no one held my hand and I didn’t completely lose it and I really did it all by myself (with the help of some really great mentors, friends and resources).  It has been hands down my greatest accomplishment to date and I just have a great sense of pride for myself, my work and what I’m capable of accomplishing.  

This is from a couple weeks ago… 57kg snatch PR.  I have become more and more confident in the snatch this cycle, missing very few heavy lifts.  I’ve focused on making sure my hips and shoulders rise at the same rate in the first pull which has made a big difference in my lifting.

A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Lifting and dogs! My two favorite things! ☺️

Lifting and dogs! My two favorite things! ☺️